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Diversified adjusting is the standard manipulation people think of when they go to chiropractor.  It is the "cracking." This helps to increase range of motion, increase proprioception, release endorphins (reducing pain), and relieve pressure off the nerves.

I also offer instrument assisted adjusting with an activator.  It is an easy, gentle way of adjusting that allows me to mobilize the joints with minimal force.  This works wonderfully for patients with contraindications to adjusting, osteoporotic patients, elderly, or patients who are simply uncomfortable with "cracking."

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Flexion/distraction is a technique that is a non-invasive and effective means of treating low back pain and more specifically disc herniations, bulges, and spinal stenosis; and it also stretches the musculature.  Flexion/distraction uses a specialized table. The patient is placed face down, and then the table is moved into flexion to create negative pressure in the disc. This is necessary to allow for the disc bulge/herniation to regress so as to help restore proper joint function, reduce inflammation and pain, and allow for better movement patterns.