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I am Kammi Stiller, owner of Peaces for You Massage Therapy and a licensed massage therapist. I have been a healthcare professional since 1985 and a massage therapist since 2002. I specialize in therapeutic massage and offer a variety of massages. Each massage is tailored to meet the desired outcome of the client. Everyone is treated as a unique individual with their own set of health issues to be considered. At this present time massage therapy is not covered by insurance even though I receive referrals from Physicians and Chiropractors. The following is a list of prices and services that I offer. If you have any questions concerning massage therapy and how it may benefit you, please call (814) 673-1761. I look forward to serving your massage therapy needs.
½ Hour Therapeutic Massage                                $30
45 Minute Therapeutic Massage                            $4o
1 Hour Swedish Therapeutic Massage                   $45
1 Hour Swedish (relaxation) Massage                    $40
1 ½ Hour Swedish Therapeutic Massage              $65
1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage                                  $60
1 Hour Hot Stone Massage                                      $50
1 Hour Shiatsu (acupressure points)                      $40
½ Hour Foot Reflexology                                         $25
1 ½ Hour Combination Massage                             $65
Chair Massages                                  $1 per minute

ADDRESS: 1047 Allegheny Avenue, Oil City, PA 16301
(814) 673-1761